Sundays at Macado's


On Sunday evenings a handful of folks gather at Macado's to read a passage of scripture, apply it to our lives and community. Some of our folks are Christians and some aren’t sure, and that’s ok with us.  


          Watauga County Jail


On Wednesday mornings we go to the county jail to study scripture with the men waiting for their court dates. We wrestle with how to live faithfully while in jail. 


Hospitality House


The Hospitality House is a non-profit crisis agency in Boone helping those living in crisis, poverty and homelessness rebuild their lives. Every Monday night we have a bible study and discussion at the shelter for residents who are interested. 


Morning Devotional at Hatchet

Every week day we meet at Hatchet Coffee Shop for a morning devotional to start our day. We read a psalm, talk about it for a few minutes, and pray together. It's our way of starting the day off on the right foot.  


*For more information about one of our gatherings, email Veronica at

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